The TaLasso web site is an easy tool where only few steps are needed to get the interaction scoring results provided by TaLasso algorithm:

  • 1, 2. Upload the gene and miRNA expression data: Both expression data must be tab delimited and must have the sample names in the first row and ensemble gene IDs of miRBase mature miRNA names in the first column.
  • 3. Select the miRNA data type: Since miRNA data can be ΔΔCt or expression data.
  • 4. Select the Gene - miRNAs putative target databases: The set of interactions must be selected from the list of the different putative targets databases provided. It must be also determined whether the putative interactions will be the union or the intersection of the selected databases. Our recommended analysis includes microrna, mirecords 2010, (mirgen) union, mirbase, mirwalk and tarbase.
  • 5. Select the Gene - miRNAs putative target databases for validation: Choose the experimental validated database for the statistical quality analysis. Only the databases selected in the step 4 will be considered.
  • 6. Algorithm: Select the method for interaction scoring: Pearson Correlation, GenMiR++ or TaLasso.
  • 7. Tunning Factor: The tuning parameter has to be determined: global (a general one for all the genes) or local (one for each gene) and its value. Only when TaLasso method was choosen.
  • 8. Name your job (optional): Users can name its work to have a reference once the results are obtained.
  • 9. Email (optional): Users can indicate an e-mail address to be notified when the analysis will be finished.

Once the algorithm has finished, the results will be placed in the web-page. Its structure it is simple:

  • Interactions are placed sorted in a table in descendent order by score.
  • It is possible to click in the image placed next to each gene name to explore all the miRNAs that regulate that gene. In the same way, it is possible to click in the image placed next to each miRNA name to explore all the genes regulated by that miRNA. Finally, clicking on gene names opens the ensemble reference page of the gene.
  • The right columns indicate if the interaction is included in miRecords, miRWalk or TaRBase databases.
  • The figure on the top of the results page corresponds to the hypergeometric test on the experimentally validated targets selected and a hit distribution map of the interactions. The images become bigger by clicking on them.

Downlod the TaLasso method sources: